VYP Regatta: Braving the storm

The fact that our Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) do not shy away from a challenge was also apparent during this year’s VYP sailing regatta. The regatta revolves around collaboration and leadership with the goal to complete the route as quickly as possible and breaking the record of the previous group of VYPs. Learning and experiencing new things, stepping outside your comfort zone, discovering talents and getting to know colleagues are what this teambuilding was all about. 

Learning by doing

The VYP regatta is best described as learning by doing. The majority of the group has no sailing experience. They learn how to sail and navigate along the way. The VYPs left their desks for a day and entered the waters of the Oosterschelde. Founding partner Patrick explains the basics of sailing and the rest is entirely up to the VYPs themselves. Without help. In fact, asking questions results in a penalty minute. The captain only intervenes when there is danger. And this year, this happened to be the case later in the day.

Severe weather

Full of enthusiasm, good spirits, snacks and dry spare clothes, the VYPs started the challenge. The stormy weather did not spoil the fun. The group assigned roles to each member and off they went. The bad weather made it a bit tense at times. “As long as Patrick stayed calm, so did we. Similar to a flight attendant on an airplane, haha,’’ according to VYP Annerieke. But the journey was not entirely without a struggle and intervention was even necessary. What happened? “We almost capsized. The water even entered the boat,” several VYPs reported. Fortunately, the boat docked safely with everyone not much later. And despite the cold, they still went for a swim.

All in all, it was an instructive day for the VYPs. The day was not only about learning how to sail and navigate, but to leave them with something that they take with them in their further career and development. “You really learn a lot from it,” Charlotte said. Despite the harsh conditions, they still managed to set a finish time of 3 hours and 10 minutes. A great achievement!

Good company

After everyone was warm, dry and recovered, it was time for the second part of the team building: the barbecue. All Venturnians were invited for this. The partners spoke briefly to everyone. They mentioned, among other things, how nice it is to be able to do this again after two years of Covid. It was a long, pleasant evening. Britt, member of the office team: “You also get to know your colleagues in a different way, outside the office. That’s what makes it extra fun.”

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