Say hello to our VYP website!  

At Venturn we are constantly improving and renewing our services. One of these services is our Venturn Young Professionals programme, better known as VYP. Our team has worked hard to deliver a new platform where talented starters can find everything they need to know about our traineeship. As of today, we proudly present to you our brand new VYP website! 

A dedicated website for VYP has been high on Venturn’s wish list. Our main goal? Creating a platform where young professionals can find essential information about our traineeship, easily get in touch with us, and directly apply for the programme. Now that is live, we hope to reach even more young professionals and introduce them to the big and beautiful world of the maritime supply chain.  

There’s more

While the new website was the main focus, we have also engaged in a number of side-projects to further support the creation of a VYP platform and community. One of these projects is the logo. The VYP traineeship now has its own logo, in line with Venturn’s corporate brand. VYP is and remains a part of Venturn, but now has its own distinctive and recognizable logo. 

Stay tuned

Of course, we are far from done when it comes to innovating and renewing our traineeship. We are already moving forward with the next steps, so keep an eye on VYP! In the meantime, we are of course still ready to help you and your company create leaders and leadership. That never changes. 

About the traineeship

The VYP programme, founded in 2007, is a unique combination of our interim, search and training services. We recruit talented graduates and starters with the intent of turning them into full-fledged maritime supply chain professionals. During the two years of the programme, our VYPs follow a demanding curriculum and develop a variety of hard and soft skills. Simultaneously, they build up work experience by supporting our clients on a project basis. This proven combination of talented candidates, professional coaches, and an abundant knowledge network helps kick-off our VYP’s careers and attract talent to the sector.  

What we stand for

People empowerment

We believe people are at the core of innovation. By paying close attention to their needs in time of change, we drive individual and team performance.

Industry expertise

Our team possesses the international network and industry knowledge necessary to develop tailored solutions for any organisation in the supply chain.

Results-oriented approach

With our hands-on consultancy, we focus on implementing organisational change. We guide the client organisation throughout the entire change process to ensure desired results are achieved.

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