the new
and improved

What’s the saying—”out with the old, in with the new”? At Venturn, we believe in constantly moving and improving. Usually, this applies to the continuous development of the services we deliver to clients. However, behind the scenes our team has been working hard to deliver a new and improved Venturn brand for you to recognise us by.

Same, same, but different

First off, you may notice that our logo has received a few tweaks. Going into the design process, we wanted to stay close to our roots, while keeping an open mind to new possibilities. Same, same, but different. That’s why we kept the familiar ‘windsock’ or ‘horn’ that you may have come to associate with Venturn (curious about the story behind the original logo? Click here!). We see our new logo as the big, grown-up brother of our original logo and hope you share our excitement over it.

Next up was the website. Our goal was to make the information our clients and candidates are looking for even more easily accessible, while incorporating the elements of our new corporate style. We wanted our website to give a clear answer to the questions who we are and what we can do for you.

What’s next in store?

Venturn wouldn’t be Venturn if we didn’t look ahead. Now that we proudly present to you our new corporate brand and website, we’re already thinking about ‘the next best thing’ to show you… In the meantime, our team of consultants continue to work daily to support you in the areas of business consultancy, interim services, executive search, and training and development. That will never change!

What we stand for

People empowerment

We believe people are at the core of innovation. By paying close attention to their needs in time of change, we drive individual and team performance.

Industry expertise

Our team possesses the international network and industry knowledge necessary to develop tailored solutions for any organisation in the supply chain.

Results-oriented approach

With our hands-on consultancy, we focus on implementing organisational change. We guide the client organisation throughout the entire change process to ensure desired results are achieved.

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