Meet Roos Verhoef!

Roos Verhoef is 24 years old, lives in Rotterdam and started the Venturn Young Professionals (VYP) program at the end of 2021. She is originally from Alphen aan de Rijn, but when she drove through Rotterdam at the age of 12, she already knew that’s where she wanted to live. With hobbies like Rocycle, squash and tennis she is certainly sporty. Besides sports, cooking is also one of her hobbies. She doesn’t have a real signature dish; she just likes to try new things. Roos has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Supply Chain Management. 

Since last December, Roos has been working at Venturn. After my master’s in Supply Chain I didn’t want to start working right away. I wanted to pick up a third language and so I lived in Cannes for two months. A day after she returned from France, she signed her contract at Venturn. When I was in France, I considered starting a traineeship there. But after some contemplating about what I really wanted, I decided to return to Rotterdam to discover different opportunities from there. I remembered that Kirsten had responded to my graduation post on LinkedIn. The vacancy appealed to me and here we are now.  Roos started internally as a Junior Consultant. In February of 2022 she became part of the VYP program and started her first assignment at Portbase 

VYP Projects

At Portbase, Roos fulfills the role of Business Manager of the Vessel Visit Domain. This domain deals with all ships that come into the port from the sea and what they take with them (cargo, waste, passengers, etc.) Here, Roos works on the implementations. One of Portbase’s services is transit declaration: the transportation of goods through the European Union without paying (import) duties. “That system has been rebuilt and I am now implementing it.” What Roos likes about her first project at Portbase is that you learn exactly how things work in the port.  

Her next project at MPET starts in October. For this assignment she will be living in Antwerp for six months. It’s exciting, I’m looking forward to it!At MPET, Roos will be working in the Strategy & Development team. ”We are going to see what is possible in the Belgian port for the digitalization of the terminal. Because it’s just a one-hour train ride, Roos will be back in Rotterdam on Fridays whenever there’s a VYP training. The evening courses she will attend online.  

Enough variety

What Roos likes the most about working at Venturn and being part of the VYP program? “The fact that you have different projects. I really enjoy working at Portbase, but I’m also looking forward to starting on a new assignment. In addition, it is also nice that all the VYPs are with other companies, so that you can exchange experiences. In this way they really take you by the hand into the world of the port and supply chain. I guess I am someone who needs some variety.” 

The different types of training in the VYP programme also appeals greatly to Roos. “They are all very different and I think that there is something valuable in every training.  For example, we had one training involving horses and I didn’t really know what to expect. We had to walk around with a horse and based on that we looked at which leadership style characterized you. We also did a color test once that determined your personality and then for two weeks, we only talked in colors at Portbase. The courses really stick with you, and you do something with them.” 

“They really take you by the hand into the world of the port and supply chain.”

Small steps

Getting along well with different kinds of people is one of Roos’ strengths. In addition, she is a go-getter and stands up for what she wants. Her new assignment at MPET is a great example of this. “I really wanted to go abroad. Now Antwerp is not very far, but it’s a first step anyway.” 

Roos does not shy away from a challenge. That’s also one of the reasons she went to France to pick up a third language. “Learning a new language also has a positive effect on your brain!” Right now, Roos’ biggest challenge is figuring out what she wants. “I notice that, compared to six months ago, I do make progress. Something I would like to learn is to live more in the moment. Not just be concerned with what comes next. I also like the idea that I’ll be with Venturn for two years and I’ll just see what comes my way. And I don’t mean this in a passive way. On the contrary, I am actively looking to arrange fun things, like MPET.” 

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