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Senior Consultant Executive Search Olivier Binkhorst (45) has a broad interest: from classical music to classic cars and from art to architecture. He describes himself as a generalist rather than specialist. In his spare time, he likes running and cycling. Olivier used to play table tennis, and this is also reflected in the office during table tennis breaks. He discovered the charms of the logistics industry while working for the consulting firm Plimsoll, which was acquired by Venturn in 2018

For most of his career, Olivier has worked as a consultant in the logistics, transportation and maritime industries. His career began at Plimsoll, his father’s company. ‘’I chose the wrong study after my pre-university education and dropped out after a year. My father said that as long as I didn’t know what I wanted, I could work for him in the business. And so, it happened.’’ Once Olivier realized how much the logistics sector appealed to him, he chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Transportation, while working fulltime. ‘’In those days that was unusual, a full Bachelor study designed for people who were already working.’’ After graduating, he worked for a logistics company for a few years to gain some experience in the industry.  

From China to Venturn

Olivier not only has working experience in the Netherlands, but he also lived and worked in China for nine years. He spent the first half year in Hong Kong and the next nine in Shanghai. Here, he was responsible for setting up Plimsoll’s China branch. ‘’Through this experience, I became better at working with different cultures. I also find that I really enjoy the international aspect. I’ve learned a lot from that period abroad.’’   

At the end of 2018, Olivier joined Venturn after it had acquired Plimsoll’s operations. At Venturn, he is mainly involved in Executive Search, and likes to focus on the commercial side. ‘’At Plimsoll I used to bring in assignments and clients myself, so that’s what I do here as well. As for the execution, I work closely together with the other colleagues in the team. All my clients are companies that are active in global, regional or local logistics, be it as a forwarder, 3PL, shipping line, trucking company or shippers directly.”  

“I’ve learned a lot from that period abroad.”

Experts for Experts

In addition to being a Consultant, Olivier also serves as the President of the international partnership Experts for Experts (E4E). Experts for Experts, established in 2002, is a network of regional leaders in consulting for the international logistics, transport, and supply chain sector.Its partners are active in the major logistics markets, covering the Benelux. Germany, the UK, Scandinavia and Italy among other regions. Together, they form the leading global network of industry specialists. ”Over the last 20 years the industry has been thoroughly transformed and internationalized, and as a partner you’re expected to keep up, underlining the importance of a strong international network.” E4E celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, which will be celebrated in September 2022 during the next partner meeting in Italy.   

One of Olivier’s responsibilities as president of E4E is network expansion. ‘’In Europe, we are quite strong. Outside Europe, we’re actively trying to expand into key areas like Asia Pacific and the Middle East.’’  

Keep on developing

Olivier’s network and expertise really lies with this industry. “I’ve noticed that there aren’t many peers who have been active as consultants in the maritime and logistics industry for 20+ years. I think that’s also one of my Unique Selling Points.’’ In addition, Olivier always tries to be as up-to-date as possible with the developments taking place in the industry. And he is not done developing himself either “I’ve made a conscious decision, choosing this career in this industry and I want to be one of the best.” 

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